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Angular CLI Tip: How to make your app work with Internet Explorer

One of the questions I often get asked when teaching an Angular course is "why is my demo application not working with Internet Explorer?". This is really good question. A lot of customers, certainly in the enterprise world, are still using Internet Explorer. We still need to support

Angular Pipes and localization

What are pipes? For people who have worked with Angular version one, pipes are the new filters. You use pipes to format data. For example if you want to format a date you can use the built in date pipe. The above code will result in the following output 2016-12-28.

Quiet please, developers working

Last week Joel Spolsky did an interview on Geekwire Summit. You can watch the interview here []. For those who don't know Joel, he is the founder of Fog Creek Software and launched Stack Overflow. He is also the author of the blog Joel on

Protecting your online identity

The last couple of weeks a few Belgian politicians had their twitter account hacked. Which surprised me because people with a public image should make sure they're social media accounts are protected. However, it's not only our Belgian politicians who had this problem. A couple of

Thoughts on NHibernate performance: stateless sessions

This is the second part in my series of "Thoughts on NHibernate performance". I recommend that you read the first post (insert link) because I will reuse things from that post. In this post I am going to talk about using a stateless session for inserting records to

Thoughts on NHibernate performance tuning

I have been working a couple of years with NHibernate and thought I would share some experiences about NHibernate performance tuning. This blog post will focus on batch inserts. When we talk about NHibernate performance tuning you should take into account that tuning NHibernate and tuning the database are 2

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