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Kaizen Newsletter #11

The weekly Kaizen Newsletter with blog posts from around the web, which I found interesting.

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Kaizen Newsletter #11

Welcome to the Kaizen newsletter, which is hosted from now on my blog. I have a couple of exciting blog posts for you to read.  I hope you enjoy it!

About Bounded Contexts and Microservices

I often hear, "Is the boundary of Microservice the same as a bounded context?" The short answer is it depends, and I can understand that people struggle with this. Finding the right boundary for your microservice is hard. In the following blog post, Alberto Brandolini goes deeper into the subject and gives insight into the matter.

About Bounded Contexts and Microservices
What is the right granularity of microservices? Are Microservices and Bounded Contexts the same thing? Read how Alberto Brandolini answered to those questions.

The Return of the 90s web

I must admit: I am a fan of the 90's web. The designs are sometimes horrible, but then again, it makes a website unique. Today, most sites look all the same, which makes the web dull. Last week, I discovered that webrings are making a comeback. It's easy to see why I included the following blog post in this week's newsletter.

The Return of the 90s Web
Max Böck is a professional front-end developer based in Vienna, Austria.

Human Interface Guidelines (macOS Big Sur)

Last week Apple had his yearly World Wide Developer Conference. They announced a brand-new design for the latest version of macOS. I have been working with macOS Big Sur, and the new design is refreshing. A new design means the new Human Interface Guidelines, which Apple released last week.

What’s New in macOS - macOS - Human Interface Guidelines - Apple Developer

What comes after Zoom?

Due to the lockdown, Zoom has seen enormous growth this year, but the question is, "Does Zoom have a future". In the following blog post, the author tries to answer this question.

What comes after Zoom? — Benedict Evans
Zoom is the Skype of video - it turned a technology few people used much into a mass-market product. But next we’ll get the equivalents of Instagram and Snap - products that ask different questions. Zoom solved getting into a call, but why are you in the call?

Cleaning My MacBook After 16800 Hours of Use!

The last one for this week is a blog post where the author explains how cleaned his MacBook after using it for 16800 hours. Do I need to say more? :-)

Cleaning My MacBook After 16800 Hours of Use!

Bonus: one more thing

On the following GitHub page, you will find an overview of several repositories containing tools that can help you when doing Domain Driven Design.

** The Cover Photo I used in this newsletter is by Mathyas Kurmann on Unsplash

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